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Guarding roads and the operations area

The railway sites and roads used for delivery of rockets, liquid oxygen and other equipment were under special surveillance. The number of personnel responsible for guarding the rail line was divided as follows:


6 soldiers

Alphen aan den Rijn:

approximately 20 soldiers


9 soldiers


unknown number

The roads were guarded by Military Police under the command of captain (Hauptman) Mieke. These troops were quartered for a long period in Oegstgeest and used to fill guard posts at the Haagse Schouw, De Vink etc. As soon as a column of Vidal trailers arrived, all other traffic was halted. When the last truck had passed, traffic would be allowed to continue and guards were withdrawn. When rocket launches were due, guards were placed on all roads and paths leading to the launching areas, and nobody was allowed to enter. The main reason for this was safety of own personnel.

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First English edition, Almere – The Hague, August 2005
Translation: Dily Damhuis, Paul Fowlie, Sylvia en Johan van Oosten en Trees Teunissen.
Original Dutch version published, Almere – The Hague, September 2003 (2nd edition)