55 Park Rd.
London W4 3EY

22 September 2003

Request for Planting a Tree at the Chiswick V2 Launch Site in Wassenaar

Dear Sirs:

I am requesting on behalf of the Battlefield's Trust for permission to plant a tree in memory of the suffering experienced by both our communities (Chiswick and Wassenaar) during the World War II V2 attacks. This tree would be placed at the approximate Wassenaar V2 launch site that attacked Chiswick, London. We plan to do this on the weekend of 4/5th Sept 2004.

As you may know, our Chiswick community was the first in Britain to suffer a V2 attack on September 8, 1944. This attack killed three people and injured seventeen and was the start of a campaign that killed over 2,600 people here in Britain. Our local project is to erect a memorial at the crash site here in Staveley Road, Chiswick and plant a trees in Wassenaar. Wassenaar was the launch site for the V2 that attacked Chiswick. This tree will represent a common bond between our two communities (Chiswick and Wassenaar) and an important remembrance of this horrific event. We are receiving a great deal of support from other Dutch foundations in this tree planting effort. They are V2 Platform and Wassenaar in de Tweede Wereldoorlog '40-'45 en 3 Maart '45-'95.

Your permission and assistance in the tree planting is key to helping our two communities to complete this project. I would be very appreciative to receive your positive response at the address above.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Scott MacKinlay
(Coordinator - Chiswick V2 Memorial Project)
Battlefield Trust